Athletic Career

Pole Vaulting Career

In 1996, a year from completing my bachelors degree at Arkansas State University, I was encouraged to try pole vaulting by my coach, Earl Bell. Already a member of the track team on athletic scholarship, I’d been a long jumper and the third leg of the 400m relay for three seasons.  Being the dare devil that I am, I decided that pole vaulting would be a lot of fun. Little did I know there was an Olympic Training Center for pole vault in Jonesboro, AR, and the most renowned coach- Earl Bell- right in my backyard. After three weeks of training on the pole vault, I qualified to compete in my first USA Championships and I guess you can say the rest is history.
With women’s pole-vaulting emerging as an official International Track and Field / Olympic event in 1995, I entered the sport at the very beginning and was a pioneer of this event. Throughout my years of competition, I was fortunate enough to keep up with the progression of the rapidly developing event. I qualified to compete in the pole vault at the first Goodwill Games, the Outdoor World Championship, Pan American Games and Olympic Games.  Each of these teams/ competitions has served to further the history of the women’s pole vault to date.
In truth, I’ve been an athlete for most of my life. I was a competitive gymnast from the age of 7 until 15. I then participated in High school track and field where I competed in the long jump, triple jump, 400m relay, 100m, and 200m. I still hold the school record in the long jump and was State Champion and Conference Champion in high school. I earned athletic scholarships to both Florissant Valley Community College and Arkansas State University, where I earned All-American honors and set the school long jump record.
Yet after college, pole vault became both my passion, and my job. Visa, Essex, Home Depot and Nike sponsored me throughout the majority of my career. I have competed all over the world and experienced more then I ever imagined possible, thanks to the sport of pole vaulting. Here is a brief list of some of my accomplishments as USA pole-vaulter:


  • Jumped my current personal best of 15’4 / 4.67m in 2004
  • Was 2nd woman in US history to jump 15ft. in 2001
  • Member of the 2004 Olympic Team in Athens, Greece
  • Member of the 2000 Olympic Team in Sydney, Australia—
  • 2006 US Indoor Champion
  • 1998 US Outdoor Champion
  • Competed at the 1995 US Indoor and Outdoor Championships- First official USATF competition for women’s pole vault
  • Started pole vaulting in January of 1995

Olympic Trials and Games

  • 3rd at the 2004 US Olympic Trials
  • 11th at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia
  • 2nd at the 2000 US Olympic Trails
  • 6th at the 1996 US Olympic Trials

IAAF Indoor/Outdoor World Championships

  • 7th in 2006 at Moscow, Russia
  • 4th in 2003 at Birmingham, England
  • Silver medalist in 2001 at Lisbon, Portugal
  • 3rd in 2001 IAAF Grand Prix Final in Melbourne, Australia
  • 9th in 1999 at Seville, Spain

US Indoor Championships

  • 2006 US Indoor Champion
  • 2nd in 2003
  • 2nd in 2001
  • 3rd in 1999
  • 3rd in 1996

US Outdoor Championships

  • 4th in 2005
  • 3rd in 2003
  • 5th in 2002
  • 2nd in 1999
  • 1998 US Outdoor Champion
  • 4th in 1997

Pan American Games

  • Silver medalist in 1999 at Winnipeg, Canada

Goodwill Games

  • 5th in 2001
  • 6th in 1998

Honors and Awards

  • Inducted into the Arkansas State University Hall of Fame
  • Inducted into the Pole Vaulting Hall of Fame
  • Inducted into the Drake Relays Hall of Fame in 2006
  • Inducted into the Missouri Coaches Hall of Fame in 2004
  • Signed Nike sponsorship contract in 1998

Track and Field News Rankings:

  • 9th in the World in 2003
  • 4th in the World in 2001
  • 6th in US in 2005
  • 3rd in US in 2004
  • 2nd in US in 2003
  • 5th in US in 2002
  • 2nd in US in 2001
  • 3rd in US in 1999
  • 2nd in US in 1998
  • 5th in US in 1997

Interests and Accomplishments Today

As a result of my years of training for and competing in the pole vault at the international level, I became both knowledgeable about and passionate about fitness and health. After I retired from pole vault in 2006, I went back to school focused on fitness and health.  I received my AOS degree in Massage Therapy (the highest degree granted in the United States in the field of massage therapy) and my NASM certified personal training certification (the Gold standard for personal trainers). I have also obtained my Corrective Exercise Specialist Certification (CES), Performance Enhancement Specialist Certification (PES) and my Youth Exercise Specialist (YES). I’m also a certified trainer of the TRX suspension trainer.
I chose to get the NASM certificate because my personal experience with this training system has made me a firm believer in its benefits.  As a professional athlete for twelve years, NASM training provided me with the strength, flexibility and recovery techniques that I needed to compete successfully at the international level. As a member of the US Olympic/ National team, I worked side by side with Mike Clark, CEO of NASM, receiving physical therapy and workout plans through this client-specific system.
I can honestly say that I have seen the vast benefits and successes of NASM from both sides now: as an athlete and as a personal trainer.  Since 2008 I have been generating and implementing NASM workout plans as a personal trainer and Boot Camp-Agility course instructor. 
Health and fitness are my life and my business. You’re only given one body in this lifetime and I believe it is your temple.  As such, it is your responsibility to take care of and maintain. The benefits of a healthy and fit body are forever giving and life changing. Health and fitness can be fun for everyone. There truly is something for everyone!